VA Loans

    VA Loans

    We love Vet’s and so does our VA Loan Program! If you are interested in this loan, let us start by thanking you for your service.

    This is the best loan possible, but you can get it only if you are a Veteran or surviving spouse. These loans are backed by VA, which makes it risk free for the bank, hence VA loan guidelines tend to be more lenient. There is usually VA funding fee that can be financed into the loan amount. When you are applying for this loan besides regular paperwork your lender will ask for the Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Usually, the process goes smooth but might take a bit longer than for conventional loan.

    Features of VA loans:

    • 0% Down payment
    • No PMI
    • Lower interest rate
    • Flexible underwriting
    • Closing costs are usually lower
    • Only for primary residence
    • No prepayment penalty

    Call Us (727) 251-5089

    Down Payment

    0 %

    va funding fee may apply

    Minimum Credit Score

    620 or lower

    call for exceptions

    Maximum Loan Amount

    $ 424,100

    for most fl single family homes

    Seller Contributions

    6 %

    maximum % of price


    50 % or higher

    call for eligibility specifications

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