FHA Loans

    FHA Loans

    An attractive aspect of an FHA Loan is that they are government backed. This makes it easier to qualify, especially if your credit score is not so great and/or you are in lower income brackets. Call us to find if this loan is for you!

    Features of FHA Loan:

    • First Time Home Buyer
    • Min 3.5% down payment, money can be gifted.
    • Lower mortgage Insurance in most case in comparison with Conventional loan
    • Potentially Lower interest rates than for Conventional Loans
    • An upfront premium of 1.75 % of the loan amount, paid at closing.
    • Higher DTI than in Conventional which means you might qualify for higher loan amount
    • No Pre Penalty – if you decide to pay your loan sooner, you can do it with no penalty
    • You can add closing costs to your loan amount and get your foot in the door with little money.

    FHA loans might sound great, but it is not for everyone. That is why you need to discuss with your trusted lender about which option fits you the best.

    Call Us to discuss (727) 251-5089

    Down Payment

    3.5 %


    Minimum Credit Score


    call for exceptions

    Maximum Loan Amount

    $ 314,827

    for most fl single family homes

    Seller Contributions

    6 %

    minimum % of price


    55 %

    call for eligibility specifications

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