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You need to work with me because

  • 99% closing rate
  • You don't pay me anything
  • I analyze the case, determine potential problems and solve them before the file goes to the underwriter
  • I am always available on the phone and through emails, even when I am flying!
  • I care about your like I would care about my best friend, because your success = my success
  • I am not done until I am finished and you are at the closing on time - I know you will want to leave me a good review at the end
  • You will get the best terms possible with the lowest interest rate

My happy clients - HOMEOWNERS

Ипотека в США

One of very few good mortgage bankers

My sad previous experience

I have been working as Real Estate Agent since 2009. After working in Real Estate for few years, I got multiple bad experiences with other mortgage bankers who couldn’t close transactions because of problems that could have been solved initially. They were not able to present the case to the underwriter in full and determine potential problems. Because of that we were either having delays with the closing or getting denials, sometimes, right before the closing. That’s heartbreaking experience not just for clients but for me as well. 

I  decided to make a difference. In 2016, I got a Mortgage License and started working even with most complicated mortgage cases. Sometimes, even with cases that were denied prior. 
I understand that everyone is unique and you need to understand the client’s situation fully to be able to take steps that would bring you to the best results. Not everyone lived in USA for many years and work on W-2. World is evolving and work style as well. Unfortunately, mortgage rules are not evolving at the same rate. There are more and more self-employed people who want to drive a truck or be blogger. What ever it is, if the client has a stable income, they should be able to become a homeowner. Some clients are not citizens yet, they might be on Asylum status which might take years to get approved, in a meantime, they have jobs and pay taxes. I am there to help all of the hardworking people!

I am very proud to confirm that I have 99% closing rate. If I start working on your case, I won’t finish until you close!

My sales

2020 year

130 houses

2019 year

88 houses

2018 year

59 houses

Possibly, right now:

You don't know how to start the process

You are not sure your immigration process

You have a low credit score or you don't have one at all

You have low income

Your employment history is less than 2 years

You have small downpayment

You are self-employed

I really want to help you!

Please answer just few questions below

Your immigration status:
USA Citizen
Green Card Holder
Asylum status
Do you work?
Yes, I am employee
Yes, I am self-employed
Work but unofficially
No, I don't work
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What is the price of the house ($ amount)

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I know you need to know who you are dealing with

  • I work as a Real Estate Agent from 2009
  • I work as Mortgage Banker from 2016
  • I offer the lowest interest rates
  • I can close the most complicated cases
  • I closed multiple cases after after banks denied
  • My closing rate is 99%
  • I live in Florida from 2006
  • I gained banking and investment experience in companies like Bank of America, Raymond James
  • I graduated USF with Finance Degree

My process to work
with clients

  • Initial analysis of your case
  • Review of your documents and application 
  • Providing a preapproval letter
  • Creating a strong case, putting letters of explanation if needed for unique cases
  • Closing on time
I can tell you if you can get a mortgage!
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